This year’s Silwerskermfees has drawn to a close, and judging by the unprecedented quality of films showcased at this year’s festival, we think it’s safe to say that the 2018 Silwerskermfees may very well have been the best one yet.

Village n Life and Silwerskermfees has long since had a wonderful working partnership since the festival was first held at The Bay Hotel in 2012, and it is evident in the way in which the annual event has only grown from strength to strength since.

This year’s festival was no different, with some of South Africa’s most notable figures in the film, television and theatre scene soaking up the Camps Bay sun and reveling in a feast of South African films. The gorgeous setting of The Bay Hotel no doubt added to the allure of the festival, and luckily enough, the sun played its part by illuminating the stunning Sunset Strip in the dead of winter.

However, it wasn’t only the weather that made Silwerskermfees 2018 such an spectacular event, it was the films themselves that truly made this year’s festival one to remember.

The bar was set extremely high by the films showcasing at this year’s festival. An ambush of the senses, these films (both short and feature length) had audiences work through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Ecstatic laughter in films like ‘Fluit Fluit’ and ‘Ander Mens’ would oppositely echo somber and uncomfortable emotions experienced in films like ‘Die Stropers’ and ‘Ellen, Die Ellen Pakkies Storie’.

Feature films like ‘Die Seemeeu’, ‘Dominee Tienie’ and ‘Kanarie’ all fantastically showcased the level of exceptional acting talent in South Africa, with the latter being awarded the Best Feature Film of the festival. Comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhoudt, traded in his stand-up shoes for this lead role and subsequently blew the audience away with his talent. Director, Christiaan Olwagen, once again picked up the award for Best Director for ‘Kanarie’.

The undeniable star of this year’s festival was actress Jill Levenberg, who gave the performance of a lifetime in ‘Ellen’ and was duly awarded the Best Actress in a Feature Film award. Her fellow cast mate, Jarrid Geduld, was also adorned for his brilliant work in the film by winning the Best Actor in a Feature Film award.

Besides showcasing some exceptional films for three days straight, Silwerskermfees also offers people form the industry to connect with one another, inspire each other and truly create an atmosphere of support. The Afrikaans film and television scene is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, and the Silwerskermfees is at the forefront of platforms promoting and supporting the industry.

While it is obvious that Silwerskermfees is such an important event for the industry, it is also one helluva party! Marking its 6th year at The Bay Hotel, this year’s festival was one of – it not the – most relaxed, fun and ultimately enjoyable festivals.

With the revamp of the Rotunda completed just before the start of the festival, audiences were treated to a beautiful screening venue, doing justice to the calibre of films shown this year. The Sandy B pool deck was packed to the brim with actors, directors and producers, all soaking up the sun (and soaking up their drinks) in Camps Bay.

The Bay Hotel’s pool deck was also transformed into a lovely venue, housing a coffee station, dining tables, a lounge, sound booth and a bar, and was the perfect place for the launch party which saw guests really let their hair down and celebrate all that is Silwerskerm.

The energy of Silwerskermfees is electrifying – perhaps even more so this year than in previous years. A true testament to the immense talent in this country, perfectly complimented by the gorgeous backdrop that is The Bay Hotel.

Brava, Silwerskerm. We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Check out the list of some of the night’s biggest winners below:

Best Short Film (11 minutes): Die leeftyd van ‘n Orgidee

Best Short Film (22 minutes): Axis Mundi

Best Director – Short Film (11 minutes): Mari Borstlap (Die leeftyd van ‘n Orgidee)

Best Director – Short Film (22 minutes): Matthew Jankes & Sean Steinberg (Axis Mundi)

Best Actor – Short Film: Brendon Daniels (Cowboy Dan)

Best Actress – Short Film: Cindy Swanepoel (Fluit Fluit)

Best Script – Feature Film: Amy Jephta (Ellen, Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies)

Best Supporting Actress – Feature Film: Cintaine Schutte (Die Seemeeu)

Best Supporting Actor – Feature Film: Germandt Geldenhuys (Kanarie)

Best Actress – Feature Film: Jill Levenberg (Ellen, Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies)

Best Actor – Feature Film: Jarrid Geduld (Ellen, DIe Storie van Ellen Pakkies)

Best Director – Feature Film: Christiaan Olwagen (Kanarie)

Best Feature Film: Kanarie






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