We’ve recently welcomed a new intern to TCA, and we are thrilled to introduce him to you! Joran will be interning with Village n Life until the end of the year. Here’s an introduction by our latest Dutch intern – we’re sure he’ll learn a lot and have a ball during his time with us!

My name is Joran Harryvan, I am 23 years old and I come from The Netherlands. Currently I am in my third year of my Bachelor of Management Tourism degree at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. For my education, it’s necessary to conduct a 5-month internship to gain knowledge and experience that I can put into practice in the tourism industry.

I am doing my internship at TCA – Tourism Creative Agency in Cape Town. I’m working in the marketing department and I really like what I am doing. It is a nice place to do my internship, and I am looking forward to the coming months!

In the coming months I hope to apply my knowledge and experience of my education thus far into the company, and to learn more about marketing, promotion and social media during my internship.
I would like to gain more knowledge of marketing aspects; how it works and how you should respond to the market and the consumers. I find marketing interesting, and I believe that this is a very important part in a successful company. Social media is also becoming increasingly important for companies and I think it has great potential. That is why I want to learn a lot about the different aspects of social media while I am at TCA.

I am currently working on all kinds of different tasks and I help the marketing department wherever necessary. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here. In the first weeks, most of the time I was busy with observing all the social media channels of all the brands, learning more about the company and the way they work, preparing posts for Pet Places (one of the brands), helping with photoshoots and editing pictures.

With the photoshoot, I helped out behind the scenes but also in front of camera as a model in some of the pictures! During the photoshoot, I was taking pictures as well. This helps me with creating new posts for the social media accounts I manage. I also have my own Instagram account as a trainee at TCA. On this account, I share my work experiences and also what I am doing besides my internship. Cape Town is such a great place with a lot to discover. I hope to see as much as I can and I want to share this with my followers. If you are interested in what I am up to during work and in my spare time, follow me at @tca_intern on Instagram.

From August 21 to August 25 there was a film festival called Silwerskermfees at The Bay Hotel, one of the hotels we work with. It has become one of the most anticipated film festivals in the country, showcasing some of the best South African talent and celebrating all that the South African film industry has to offer.

During this festival, I had some nice tasks to do, just taking pictures of everything so we could use them for our social media and our blog, and also interviewing some guests/actors – that was really nice! In the meantime, I had the chance to learn more about this festival.

I am really looking forward to the next four months and I hope you all follow me on my journey by reading my blog and following me on Instagram.






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