Village n Life’s internship programme is vital to both recruiting new talent and educating a new generation of hospitality staff.

It allows final year hospitality students to gain the required skills and knowledge to succeed within the hospitality sector, as well as to fulfil the work experience requirement of their college programmes.



Village n Life’s internships focus on eight key areas of the hospitality industry:

  • Culinary
  • Wellness and Spas
  • Travel support and Sales
  • Facilities
  • Hospitality Management and Reception
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Events Management


Each intern is assigned a mentor, a senior staff member in his or her hospitality field. Mentors proactively help their interns achieve their growth potential, as well as support their interns’ career progression.

Ayabonga, a hospitality intern at Camps Bay Retreat, attests to the support from mentors: “I have learned a lot from my mentor and from all the staff at Camps Bay Retreat. I was able to gain a lot from the experience thanks to the support I received.”


Behind the scenes

Interns get to see all the workings of the hotel industry. For example, hospitality interns start in housekeeping, move to the laundry department, and finally onto hotel reception. Understanding the property’s workings helps the front of house staff be better ambassadors for the property.

Interns are asked to post about their experiences on their Instagram accounts, capturing behind-the-scenes moments. For example, take a look at the Instagram accounts of some current Village n Life interns, Ayabonga and Yasin.

Ayabonga is completing his internship at Camps Bay Retreat.

Yasin is an intern with Waterfront Village.

Intern Benefits

Internships run for a minimum period of 6 months, with the potential for full-time employment following the internship.

Once the internship is complete, students receive a certificate of completion at a closing ceremony with their fellow interns.

Interns also receive a monthly stipend, as well as extensive training. Their first week at their internship is dedicated to shadowing their mentor.

Caption: Some of the properties that Village n Life interns have been placed. From left to right: Camps Bay Retreat, The Bay Hotel, The Farmhouse Hotel in Langebaan, and Harbour House Hotel in Hermanus.


Application Process

During the application process, interns have several rounds of interviews in which they have the chance to meet their future mentors.

Mentors also do a home visit to meet the intern’s parents and develop a deeper understanding of their intern’s circumstances.

Each applicant also completes a lifestyle budget, which helps Village n Life identify disadvantaged students. Disadvantaged students are provided access to affordable housing through Club Resco. If applicable, they will also have access to further housing subsidies on loan until they are full employees.


For more information on current internship openings, please see Career Custodians’ vacancy page.






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