What is a holiday without your beloved pet? Pet-lovers know that pets are part of the family and so should be part of the holiday too. But finding pet-friendly accommodation can be extremely challenging.

We know that first-hand because, at Pet Places, we are pet-lovers ourselves.

Pet Places was started by Maree Brink, the Chairman of the hospitality group Village n Life. Maree has three beloved dogs Bella, Bailey and Ben who live on the property at Camps Bay Retreat. As anyone who has visited the Retreat will know, these dogs are characters and extremely beloved. And so Maree started Pet Places, a collection of pet-friendly accommodation options in the Western Cape.


Maree and Bella, the Pomeranian on vacation together in Langebaan. 

Ben the golden retriever loves going on beach holidays.  

From historical cottages to family homes and luxury hotels, all are suitable for dogs, cats, birds, or small animals. While several locations cannot accommodate larger dogs, there are still many locations for large dog owners to choose from at Pet Places. Please see the destination pages on our website for options in specific properties.

Choose from destinations such as Langebaan, Hermanus, Camps Bay, and Cape Town city centre. We have pet-friendly rooms in The Bay Hotel, The Farmhouse Hotel, and Harbour House Hotel, as well as serviced apartments, and vacation rentals cottages and houses.

Pet Places knows the considerations you have as a pet-owner in choosing a vacation spot. So contact us if you have any special queries for your beloved pet.






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