On 27 July 2018, Studio G, the stunning and expertly curated art gallery at The Bay Hotel hosted its grand, official opening.

With beautiful art curated by Gerhard Van Niekerk, a talented sculptor and artist himself, the event treated guests to a diverse and breathtaking set of artworks that touched on elements of nature, social economic issues and the human fragility by some of South Africa’s best and most exciting artists.

The collection currently on display at the hotel features amazing sculptures created by Gerhard himself, showing a deep understanding of the human physique and temperament as well as other breathtaking pieces by artists like Brahm Van Zyl and Talitha Deetlefs to name but a few. All of these stunning pieces which were curated by Gerhard himself, and adds to the sophisticated and inspiring atmosphere that is Studio G.

The event was attended by Maree Brink, chairman of Village n Life, who has a long standing friendship with Gerhard, now culminating in this fabulous art gallery at one of Camps Bay’s most iconic hotels.

Gerhard’s father, renowned Stellenbosch ethics academic, Anton Van Niekerk, gave a short yet insightful opening speech, remarking on some of the artwork, artists and how wonderful it is to have these beautiful pieces on display at The Bay Hotel.

Studio G is open daily at The Bay Hotel and each Friday night for the month of August, visitors are invited to tour the gallery with Gerhard Van Niekerk and grab a glass of wine as they peruse the artwork. As it is also Women’s Month this month, all the beautiful female sculptures are discounted by 10%.

Check out the gallery below for some snaps from the night.






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