Just as your skin takes strain during winter, so does your hair. With the colder weather and harsher conditions, your hair is more likely to fall prey to loss of moisture which will then lead to breakage and dull, frizzy hair.

But fear not! There are simple, easy and inexpensive ways to curb the winter cold from destroying your hair and that’ll have you saying “winter hair, don’t care!”

Put the blow dryer down

Blow drying your hair already strips it of added moisture – whether it’s during the warmer months or the colder months. In winter, you’re hair and scalp already falls privy to excess moisture loss, so adding a blow dryer into the mix will only add to loss of moisture.

Instead, let your hair dry naturally. After shampooing and conditioning, wrap your hair in a warm towel and gently massage your scalp after towel drying.

Be careful to gently unwrap your hair from the towel to help minimize breakage.

Dry shampoo for the win

Tired of shampooing your hair daily? Well now is the chance to put the shampoo bottle down and grab the dry shampoo can instead!

Washing your hair daily is considered a no-no by hairstylists the world over. The constant washing not only strips your hair and scalp of essential, nourishing oils, but also diminishes colour. It’s even worse in winter, as your hair is already fragile and stripped of moisture.

Ditch the shampooing and conditioning every day (or even every second day) and make use of dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo will give you that ‘clean hair feel’ with extra body without having to actually wash your hair.

A few sprays of dry shampoo and your hair will feel as good as new!

Enjoy the magic of masks

Hair masks are pure magic. They restore moisture, add shine and volume and generally feed your hair to help you maintain a captivating coiffe.

Of course there are dozens of masks available in the market – ranging in price and purpose; it’s about identifying what your hair needs and which mask will best care for yoru hair.
If you’re unsure about what kind of mask will work for your hair, or what ingredients to look out for, ask your stylist for some pointers next time you pop into the salon.

However, you can also make your own mask from natural ingredients!

The most common hair issue people encounter in winter is dry, dull and frizzy hair. To combat the frigid frizz, you can easily make a moisture-rich hair mask consisting of coconut oil, honey and banana.

Mix about a cup of cold-pressed coconut oil with three to four tablespoons of honey and one, mashed banana. Work generously into your scalp (which will also promote circulation!) and leave on for at least an hour. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it dry naturally.

The wide-tooth wonder

Because your hair is more brittle during winter, brushing your hair can lead to seriously unwanted breakage.

Dry hair also attracts more static, which will build up as you brush your hair with a plastic, bristle brush.

Replace your usual brush with a wide-tooth comb for winter. Because of the widely-spaced teeth on the comb, your hair is less likely to break and you can detangle your hair without seeing it splinter all over your shoulders.

To combat the static, invest in a sturdy, wooden wide-tooth comb. Remember to always comb your hair after conditioning to make sure you lock in that extra bit of moisture.

Massage your hair back to health

Do you ever really need an excuse to book a scalp and neck massage? Didn’t think so.

However, now you can really have a legitimate excuse, as a scalp massage can seriously aid in improving blood circulation to your hair follicles, which then in turn promotes healthy, shiny and moisturised hair.

Mint Wellness offers a fantastic scalp and neck massage – perfect for a cold winter’s morning!






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