Milou our intern recently enjoyed a stay at the gorgeous Farmhouse Hotel in Langebaan, and had a blast on the West Coast!

Besides Cape Town, South Africa has a lot of other nice places to visit. Last weekend it was time to explore Langebaan. Together with my friend Julie, we packed our bags and headed up the West Coast.

At around 12:00 we started our trip with getting some delicious muffins from the famous Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town. After increasing our sugar levels, it was time to start our roadtrip to The Farmhouse Hotel in Langebaan.

The drive up the West Coast was very nice. The small towns along the way are all very beautiful and vistas on the way to Langebaan was beautiful to look at.

The hour-and-a-half drive went by surprisingly quickly, and we arrived at the beautiful Farmhouse Hotel shortly after 2pm.

When we entered the building the lady behind the front desk welcomed us and she was very friendly. After checking us in, she asked us to follow her to our room for the evening.

Our room was very cozy and nice. The view from the hotel was amazing, and besides that it was a rainy day, we still had the beautiful view of the Langebaan lagoon.

After watching a movie in bed (the perfect way to unwind on a cold rainy day) it was time to head to dinner at the hotel’s Panorama Restaurant.

The fireplace in the restaurant created a nice atmosphere. Julie ordered a salad as a starter and I ordered the mussels as a starter. I have to tell you.. the mussels were amazing! After eating our main dishes, it was time to try our hand at some pool in the hotel’s game room.

I have never played pool before, so Julie had to explain the game to me and honestly we both are not good at it at all! We had a lot of fun, though, and after I won the game it was time to head back to our room and to get a good night rest.

Sunday morning we woke up early to have breakfast at the hotel. Julie and I both started our day with these amazing flapjacks with banana and maple syrup, that the Farmhouse Hotel is famous for. After again treating our bodies with sugar it was time to head back to Cape Town.

We enjoyed the trip back to Cape Town just as much as the trip to Langebaan, as the West Coast once again showed off it’s beauty.






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