With hundreds of cafés and dozens of coffee roasters, in many ways, Cape Town is the coffee capital of Africa. And nowhere in Cape Town offers a more unique experience for the discerning coffee lover than De Waterkant.

Set beside the slopes of the iconic Signal Hill, culturally rich De Waterkant features colourful architecture, cobbled streets, and a vibrant feel. Most importantly, however, De Waterkant has a wonderfully high density of excellent coffee shops. Take a look at our selection of the best.


1) Origin Coffee Roasters

With a coffee shop on the ground floor, Origin also hosts a roastery and tasting room on the second floor.  

Origin Coffee Roasters, housed in a beautifully renovated brick warehouse, is at the heart of coffee history in Cape Town. The artisanal coffee movement in Cape Town truly began with the opening of Origin Coffee Roasters in De Waterkant in 2006.

Joel Singer, a Canadian, started Origin when he noticed a niche in the Cape Townian market. Since then, Origin has been making waves with their internationally acclaimed brews. To make the highest quality coffee, Origin imports the only the finest raw coffee beans and roasts them in small batches by hand.

We recommend: Try one of their “coffee cupping” workshops. Similar to a wine tasting, in these workshops, Origin’s coffee experts lead you through tasting a variety of coffees from around the world. You can develop your palate to pick up on different flavour notes, as well tastes and textures.

“Cupping” is an excellent way to get to know coffee. 

The smaller of two roasters that Origin uses to create their delicious flavours. 

2) The Charles Café

For gorgeous latte art and hands-down the best food, try The Charles Café. You can choose between sitting in their on sidewalk garden under the old Peppercorn tree, on their rooftop patio or dining room.

We recommend: A flat white and a freshly baked dark chocolate and orange croissant.

The flat whites at The Charles always feature incredible latte art. Check out their Instagram page for more amazing coffee designs. 

The Charles hosts both a boutique hotel and a quaint café. 

3) Village Café

Village Café has a truly authentic feel. Its cosy interior is filled with aged wooden accents and a fireplace, while its cobbled terrace offers a great spot for people watching.

We recommend: Sip an Espresso while you watch the day unfold.

The exterior of The Village Café.


4) Truth Coffee

Truth Coffee in De Waterkant at is an excellent opportunity to delve into the historic Prestwich Memorial. Located in a pedestrian green belt, Truth also serves coffee roasted in-house.

We recommend: Try a flat white while you peruse the exhibit.


4) Le Petite Tarte

Located in the Cape Quarter, this delightful café is reminiscent of a Parisian boulangerie. Featuring coffee from local Run Rabbit Run Coffee Roaster, as well as a selection of teas, Le Petite Tarte serves each beverage in unique and colourful antique teacups.

We recommend: Anything served in their delightful teacups!

Le Petite Tarte is also pet-friendly. 


5) Orange Café 

While Orange Café doesn’t have anything in the way of coffee per say, this hole-in-the-wall hippy spot offers fresh juices and teas made from Indigenous plants.

We recommend: For those with brave taste buds, try an elixir shot, a mixture of ginger, lemon juice, turmeric, and cayenne.


Want to stay in De Waterkant? Check out De Waterkant Village.  






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