Ever wanted to try kite surfing? Here are nine reasons why kite surfing in Langebaan is an excellent idea this summer.

1. It is an exhilarating sport

Kite surfing is a thrilling water surface sport, where you can glide, surf, and fly, by harnessing both the power of the wind and the water.

“It is an incredible adrenaline rush,” says Adam Barnard, of Windtown in Langebaan. “Every time you go out there are new challenges. It never gets boring. But you can also adjust yourself to your own level. Within your first two-hour lesson, you’ll be on your way.

2. Beautiful surroundings

Langebaan features an enormous turquoise lagoon, surrounded by white-sand beaches. It has dazzling natural beauty and wildlife spotting opportunities. But besides its incredible views and west coast hospitality, Langebaan is known for something else: kite surfing.

So what makes Langebaan such an incredible spot for kite surfing?

The Langebaan lagoon is an oasis for holiday-makers, bird-life and kite surfers alike! 

Every year kite surfers from all over the world come to Langebaan because of its consistent wind and “butter flat” water.

3. Perfect conditions

With an incredible flat-water location and near-constant side shore wind, the shallow lagoon makes Langebaan one of the best places in the world for kite-surfing, especially for beginners. The season runs consistently from October to end of March.

For more advanced kite surfers, there are a number of launching pads within Langebaan to get you the perfect conditions you are looking for.

4. World-class instructors

Starting with lessons in order to learn the basics is a key to an enjoyable kite surfing experience.

Adam Barnard of Windtown Kite School is the kite surfing host that Village n Life entrusts with their guests. And it is easy to see why.

“I’ve taught 78-year olds, I’ve taught 9-year olds. And everyone I have had come through my school has successfully learnt to kite surf and absolutely fallen in love with the sport.”

The reason that Adam has such amazing success is he makes sure that his instructors choose the right wind and weather conditions for each client. For instance, side-shore wind, or wind blowing parallel to the beach, is perfect for beginners. In contrast, only the very best are able to handle onshore wind.

Another key is having instructors that speak a range of languages including German, Spanish, English, and Afrikaans.

As a result, clients have a more enjoyable time facing the kite surfing learning curve: “If you are wrestling a kite, you don’t want to have to be translating what your instructor is saying,” explains Adam.

As a beginner, getting a kite surfing lesson is key to your success and safety. 

5. Reliable Rescue Service

Since kite surfing is a water sport, safety is key. Because of the need, Adam Barnard started a rescue service several years ago. Included in the rescue service team are two boats that patrol the lagoon every day during kite surfing season:

“We are on the water as soon as it is windy. Rescues need to happen quickly. In season, we rescue between twenty and thirty people. And not only kites. We rescue others on the water as well.”

How it works is kite surfers purchase a day-pass wristband for R150. Essentially, the wristband enables them to be rescued unlimited times throughout the day. In contrast, for those without a wristband, rescues are R350/each to cover costs for fuel. Guests staying at Kite Quarters receive a complimentary rescue wristband as part of their stay.

Because its immense value to the kite surfing community, the rescue service has had a number of key supporters, including Maree Brink, chairman of Village n Life.

6. Competition time: Downwind Dash

Another great reason to kite surf in Langebaan is the Downwind Dash. Specifically, the Downwind Dash is an annual race that goes from Langebaan main beach to Dial Rock in Saldanha, a distance of 20 kilometres.

The competition runs each year at the end of January and sees hundreds of participants.

Notable past kite surfing participants include five-time world champion Aaron Hadlow and Peter Slate. Slate holds the record for the fastest time in the Downwind Dash, completing the course in just 18 minutes in 1999.

7. Great places to stay

In terms of accommodation, Langebaan has amazing places to stay while you are on your kite surfing adventure. Kite Quarters has a range of accommodation options and all are designed to accommodate kite surfing activities. For instance, all the Kite Quarters rooms, cottages and suites have handy features like kite washing stations and lockable storage solutions for those bringing their own equipment. Kite Quarters have accommodation for all tastes, from budget travellers rooms to up-market luxury suites like Kite Mansion or rooms within The Farmhouse Hotel, an intimate and beautiful hotel setting.

8. No Wind, No Pay

If you stay with Kite Quarters, there is a “no wind, no pay” policy in place. In other words, if you find that there is less than 13 knots of wind is forecasted for the day of your arrival, you can cancel without a cancellation fee. So you don’t have to worry that your kite surfing adventure will come to a stand-still.

Kite Mansion is the perfect place to spend your holiday while kite surfing in Langebaan.

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to see the Langebaan lagoon.

9. Not just kite surfing

But just because there is no wind doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Another way to enjoy the beautiful Langebaan lagoon is through stand-up paddle board (SUP) and kayak tours. See wildlife like pelicans and seals, and enjoy the tranquillity of nature, while still being active on the water.






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