A Holiday For The Whole Family

A Holiday For The Whole Family

It’s still summer in sunny South Africa, and the March/April school holidays are right around the corner – and as we all know, summer holidays in South Africa are a real treat!  Besides having fun in the sun (and eating way too much!) summer holidays are meant...
BioWise: Taking a Cue From Nature

BioWise: Taking a Cue From Nature

“Nature does not invent perfection overnight – it evolves over time…and this is the process we will also need to undertake” – Sue Swain Sue Swain is an environmentalist, biomimicry practitioner and the Founder and Executive Director of BioWise; a...
Welcome to Pezula, Fanie

Welcome to Pezula, Fanie

Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa recently welcomed a new addition to the estate – and while this new addition might not be animate, it is sure to make an impression on guests and visitors to the hotel! The hotel recently welcomed Fanie – a (not live!) baboon,...






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