The Bay Hotel recently sponsored beautiful new pole lights for the area between the sidewalk and the Camps Bay Football Club training ground. The sponsorship of the lights is further testament to The Bay Hotel and its owners’ ongoing commitment to always lend a helping hand to their community.

When word reached The Bay Hotel that the are between the sidewalk and the football ground needs needs to be thoroughly illuminated due to security risks, they immediately sprung to action.

The hotel and its owners set off in search of pole lights that will not only sufficiently illuminate the area, but are also aesthetically pleasing. The result was the sleek, black, modern pole lights installed in the area today. The lights are not obtrusive, yet provide ample lighting for the area.

These new, sleek lights will not only help illuminate the area for pedestrians using the sidewalk, but will help with safety and security for the hotel and its guests, as the lights will fully illuminate the pathways and front pavement area. This will in turn help prevent muggings and any other security risks that can take place in a dimly lit area.

The beautifully designed lights cost in excess of R100 000, of which The Bay Hotel sponsored the amount in its entirety.

The Bay Hotel feels proud to have made such a great contribution to their community, as they have done numerous times in the past.






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