It’s safe to say that summer has finally arrived, and after a long winter, we’re more than excited to get out and soak up the sunshine. However, with the summer comes the harsh sun which can wreak havoc on your skin.

But not to worry, we’ve rounded up 7 of our favourite (and tried and tested) tips for sizzling summer skin!

Your skincare routine should change slightly between seasons – or at least between winter and summer. Winter calls for extra hydration and deep moisturisation, while summer’s number one rule is to protect your skin from the sun.


1. Sunscreen is your new BFF

We can’t stress this enough: sunscreen should be closer to you than your bestie in the summertime. Many people are not aware of the intense (and sometimes irreversible) damage the sun can do to your skin. Protecting it from harmful UVA and UVB rays is top priority.

That is why it is imperative to wear sunscreen daily. For your face, rather opt for a sunscreen that has been specifically designed for facial sin. The formula will be less sticky and more moisturising. For your face, always go for a sunscreen that is SPF 50+.

Remember to re-apply throughout the day, as some sunscreens only protect you for up to 4 hours. While you’re at it, invest in a moisturising lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from getting burnt.

Always apply sunscreen to your exposed arms and legs, too – and ladies, pay special attention to your décalotage.


2. Cool down with a hydrating mist

We get it – summer can be a pain, especially summer in South Africa where temperatures can soar way into the 40’s. The best way to cool yourself down quickly (and to give your skin a hydrating boost) is with a facial mist.

A few sprays throughout the day will not only ensure your skin gets the nutrients it needs, but will also help you handle the heat.

Invest in a face mist that is enriched with vitamin E and other rejuvenating ingredients like cucumber and chamomile.


3. Scrub it off

If you’ve been in the sun more than usual, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with more dead skin cells than usual. A nourishing face and body scrub can do wonders for revitalising sun exposed skin, giving you a sensational summer glow.

Look for a scrub that is not too harsh and has some natural ingredients such Grapefruit and vitamin C for brighter skin.

A full body scrub will do wonders for sun exposed skin, and prep you better for your next sun tanning session. We’ve heard a little birdie whisper that Mint Wellness Spa is running a full body summer scrub special this November…

4. Treat the burns ASAP!

All of us have fallen privy to over exposure in the sun at some point in our lives – and we all no it’s not a pretty picture!

Dealing with a sunburn needs to swift and thorough to lessen the damage the sun caused on your fragile skin. Use a cooling after sun gel, cream or ointment as soon as possible. The sooner you start to treat the burn, the quicker it will heal – and the quicker the pain will go away!

Look for after sun gels that have Aloe Vera in them, as this will help the healing process and give your skin the extra ick of moisture it so desperately need.

5. Marvellous Melons

It’s also about what you put into your body that counts for sparkling, glowy, summer skin. While staying hydrated by drink lots of water is priority number one, certain fruits and vegetables are perfect for summer, and help promote a radiant skin from the inside.

Dermatologists recommend eating a lot of melon and watermelon, as these fruits helps to hydrate the body and skin due to their high water content and also helps to promote a radiant complexion.

Lucky for us, they’re not only delicious, but they are in season in the summertime! So eat away!

6. Stop those sun spots

People – and especially caucasian people – are more prone to sun spots in the summertime. Sun spots, hyperpigmentation or Melanoma as it is medically called, are dark patches on the skin that develop due to sun exposure and is usually more prevalent in women.

It differs from person to person and can be as a result of hormonal changes. However, mostly, sun spots develop because of over exposure to the sun.

If you have developed a sun spot or two, your best bet will be to invest in a high quality, nourishing and deeply moisturising night cream that brightens skin specifically.

Getting a nourishing, brightening facial that tackles hyperpigmentation is a great place to start before continuing treatment at home. Mint Wellness offers a wonderful and indulgent skin brighten facial that is sure to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

7. Don’t scratch the itchy bites

Easier said than done, we know, but avoiding scratching itchy bites on your face or skin will help them to heal faster.

Summertime means mosquitoes, and while we all try and avoid them as much as we can, inevitably we’ll have to deal with an itchy bite or two. Try not to scratch at the bite too much – especially if it is on your face – and apply a cool press or ice to relieve the itch.

You can also buy a hydrocortisone cream which will moisturise your skin while helping to calm the itch.

So there you have it; seven top tips for stunning, summer skin! Now go forth and enjoy the sunshine – and don’t forget the SPF!






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