The Bay Hotel recently played host to a reunion of the Camps Bay Football Club, and it was truly an event to remember.

The Camps Bay Football Club has a long standing legacy in the village, having been around for close toa century! The club was first started in 1923, and continues to operate to this day. Their football ground is right next to The Bay Hotel, so when the hotel was approached to be a possible venue for the reunion event, it all made sense.

The event took place in The Bay Hotel’s iconic Rotunda (which has a pretty rich history of its own, being built in 1921) and was attended by a whopping 300 people. It was the largest event of its kind in ages, and was a wonderful event for old friends to reconnect.

Village n Life sponsored the the venue for the event, and the talented chefs at The Bay Hotel came up with a special menu – that included a spitbraai – to help the organisers keep within their budget.

We spoke to Tony Andrade, one of the organisers of the event, about what the event meant to him and several others, and what it was like reconnecting with old Camps Bay locals again. Tony has been a part of the Camps Bay community since 1964.

Besides it being a football club reunion, what was the purpose of this exciting community event?

The main purpose of the event was to get everyone from days gone by back together again. Many of the people who attended haven’t seen each other for many, many years – some as many as 30 or 40 years!

A lot of the people who attended the event has since moved out of Camps Bay, so it was great getting everyone together again and catching up.

What did you think of The Bay Hotel as a venue – did the venue help make the event more enjoyable?

It is a lovely venue – especially for an event of this size, the spaciousness of the venue really accommodates well for an event of this calibre and size. I have been to events at The Rotunda before – especially for weddings – and it really is a nice venue.

I would definitely make use of the venue again, and I think that Camps Bay Football Club would love to make use of the venue again for sure.

What did you think of the special menu created for the event by The Bay Hotel’s chefs?

The menu was very nice! I personally liked the big selection of vegetables, and the spit roast was really, really nice as well.

What was the consensus of the evening – did people enjoy themselves?

People certainly enjoyed themselves! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces again and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in decades. It was great to have fun and laugh with old friends.

What do you believe makes the Camps Bay community so special?

Camps Bay always was, and still is, a very nice village. It has a lovely community spirit, that is still alive today. The people are lovely and very down to Earth, and I am happy to have made many, many friends in the village over the years.






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