Time sure flies when you’re having fun and learning new things! Joran is already at the halfway mark of his internship at TCA. He recently gave us an update on his progress.

My internship at TCA

This week I am starting my 10th week of my internship! Time flies and by now I realize that I am already halfway through my internship.

The fact that everything passes so quickly, means that I am enjoying my time here in Cape Town and that is certainly true! Before I came to Cape Town I heard from other people who stayed here that they fell in love with the city, and now that I am here myself I understand that completely!

In the first 2 months of my internship, I have learned a lot and I’m really enjoying it. I have received a company project that I am currently busy with. As I mentioned a bit in my previous blog, I am planning and compiling a digital marketing strategy for Sandy B Beach Club.

Sandy B is a beach club at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. Now that summer is coming, it is time for the opening of the summer season, which means we need to start marketing the club.

During my marketing project for Sandy B, I am mostly busy with planning, creating a digital marketing strategy and creating/coming up with new ideas for this season, but of course there is a lot more to it than this.

Last week we had a meeting at The Bay Hotel to discuss a number of issues about the Sandy B project. The meeting was very interesting and I am even more excited about the project now that I have a better idea and vision of it. I also presented my plans and ideas, and I hope to be able to implement them.

I think it’s a nice project where I can learn a lot and develop my skills and where I can also use my creativity. When I am not working on this project, I try to help my colleagues with their tasks as much as possible or I am working on my projects for school. So I always have something to do!

In my spare time I love to do as many things as possible. I have done and seen a lot in these 2 months and I have met many new people. Here are some highlights of what I have done so far.

Hermanus Weekend and Shark Cage Diving

On the weekend of 14 September, I went to Hermanus with 37 Dutch people for a weekend organized by 4Exchange. It was really nice to meet new people. After our working day, we drove to Hermanus. We spent the night in a nice hostel.

During this weekend, we did many fun activities such as a quad bike tour, whale watching and something that has been on my bucket list for years: Shark Cage Diving!

This time I finally had the chance to come face to face with the Great White Shark. From when I was young, I found sharks interesting and to this day I try to learn as much as possible about them.

For cage diving we had to wake up really early but it was so worth it! With activities such as these, it is always up to chance whether or not you will see a Great White, as they are wild animals. Unfortunately, we did not end up seeing a Great White Shark, but we did see some Copper sharks. These sharks are about 2,5 meters long! We also were lucky enough to see a huge stingray!

This was also an amazing experience to finally see these animals but I think I am going to do this again to hopefully see the 5/6 meter Apex predator.

Garden Route

Since I am here in South Africa, of course I also wanted to do the famous Garden Route. I did the garden route with my girlfriend and a friend and it was great!

On Friday, we left after work and drove to Mossel Bay, here we had our first overnight stay.

The next day we drove to Oudtshoorn. In Oudtshoorn we visited the Cango Wildlife Ranch. We had an encounter with the Cheetahs. It was a very nice experience to see these animals up close.

After visiting the Cango Wildlife Ranch, we visited the Cango Caves. We joined a group tour through the caves, and that was really cool! I have been in several caves but this is one of the most beautiful caves I have ever seen. The route to Oudtshoorn and to the caves is also very beautiful!

After a great day, we arrived at our second stay, this time in Knysna. We stayed in a glamping lodge, which was fun! It has a beautiful view and gives the feeling that you’re staying in the middle of the forest.

The next day we drove to Addo and we stopped at Monkeyland, Birds of Eden Sanctuary, Nature’s Valley and the Stormsriver suspension bridge. The landscape that you drive through is really beautiful. There was so much to see and do but we did not have time to do everything.

The next day we we had to wake up early. We did a full day safari organized by Crisscross Adventures. Our ranger picked us up at 08:20 and drove to a river to do the river safari. We canoed for two hours and spotted lots of birds and even monkeys in the trees!

After canoeing, we had a braai next to the river en then it was time to do the safari game drive. We saw a lot of elephants, (one of my favourite animals), zebras, buffalo, warthogs (Pumbaa!), Eland, Kudu, wild dog, antelope and some others. Unfortunately we did not spot the lions, but it was a really beautiful experience as I always wanted to do a safari! Afterwards we drove to Jeffreys Bay for our last night.

After an overnight stay in Jeffreys bay, we drove back to Cape Town via Route 62. Route 62 takes you through the amazing landscape of South Africa and is also the longest wine route in the world!

My parents come to visit me at the beginning of November. I look forward to seeing them again and letting them discover the beautiful Cape Town.






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