Milou recently had the chance to experience a wonderful and insightful tour to the Langa and Gugulethu townships just outside of Cape Town. Read all about her adventure!

With only seven weekends left in Cape Town, I try to do as many interesting things as possible. After enjoying my Friday evening with my roommates, Saturday morning was time to explore a side of Cape Town I have not really explore before.. The townships.

My friends Valerie, Rosie, Maud, Sam, Thom, Kees and I got in contact with two guys named Andile and Singata, who said that they were willing to show us around two townships in Cape Town: Langa and Gugulethu.

We made the appointment with Andile and Singata, and arranged that they would pick us up around 12 o’clock on SAturday afternoon at our house. The boys arrived an hour later and we were informed that is standard “African time!”. Being an hour behind schedule definitely didn’t put a damper on the start of our day; in fact, we were more excited than ever.

Our tour started in the oldest township in Cape Town, Langa. After a 20 minute drive we arrived in the township. Singata and Andile were able to tell us a lot about the history of the township; For instance, the name Langa is derived from a man named Langalibalele. Langalibalele was a prisoner on Robben Island.

The guys took us further into the township, where we met a lot of really nice and friendly people. We first went to the local hair salon where the guys always go to cut their hair. After seeing the hair salon, we walked past a place where you can buy sheep head!

When it came to culinary options, Andile and Singata really wanted us to experience Langa in its true form and therefore they gave each of us a chicken feet to eat! A lot of the locals were curious about what was happening, and they thought us how to eat chicken feet properly. T

he chicken feet made us thirsty so it was time for beer! Not the beer we know, but homebrewed Mampoer. We sat together with a group of 14 people and we shared the Mampoer all together.

I really love to dance, so when I heard loud music playing I immediately asked Andile if he could take us there to have a look. When we entered a small building there were a lot of young boys and girls dancing and having fun and relaxing. When I heard the good music I couldn’t help myself from starting to dance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t such a great dancer as the people I was dancing with so it was time for us to move on!

Singata lives in Langa and he took us to his house to show us around. His uncle and his brothers were watching a World Cup game. As soon as we walked in they all stood up to greet us, and they really made us feel at home. After drinking some more beers we went to Gugulethu.

Guguletu is only a 13 minute drive away from Langa. Andile was born and raised in Gugulethu, so he showed us around the township. We met some of his friends who were all very nice.

After this long day we were all a bit hungry so we decided to go to Mzoli’s. Mzoli’s is a famous braai-style restaurant. It was very nice and the atmosphere was really cool – there was even a DJ! So, naturally, we immediately walked to the dance floor and danced for a while until our food was ready. The meat was so tasteful!

Check out a video of Milou’s dancing below! -ed

2018-06-16 21.02.19

After dancing on my favourite song “Collide” by local South African artist, Lady Zamar, it was time to go home.

I am very grateful that Andile and Singata took the time to show us around this side of Cape Town and hopefully I will see them and their families again one day.






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