The Farmhouse Hotel in Langebaan has long since been known for truly exuding farm style chic with it’s quirky decorations and beautiful, rustic interiors. However, the true meaning of farm style chic is evident in the food offered at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, Panorama Restaurant.

If warm, comforting and darn good food is what you’re after, then you’ll be happy to indulge at Panorama Restaurant.

The secret behind the hearty, home cooked meals at the restaurant is it’s Head Chef, Rozelda Conradie. Rozelda has firmly made her mark on the restaurant, as she has been at the helm of Panorama Restaurant for a quarter of a century!

Celebrating her 25th year at The Farmhouse Hotel this year, we caught up with Rozelda about her career thus far and what makes it so special. She may or may not have shared a delicious, special recipe with us, too – but for that you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom…

The one and only: Chef Rozelda Conradie. Head Chef at Panorama Restaurant.

What is your position at The Farmhouse Hotel?

My position is Head Chef.

How long have you been working for The Farmhouse Hotel?

24 years going on 25 years.

What is the best part of your job?

I love the fact that it is a fast paced, creative and organized environment, and that is something about my job that gives me great satisfaction. The rush of being able to pull off an extremely busy night without any mistakes is very rewarding and satisfying.

What do you believe goes into creating a wonderful dish?

Love and the love for what you do.

Any cooking secrets you are willing to share?

I share my secrets on a daily basis as it is part of my duties to train my fellow staff to ensure the legacy of The Farmhouse will continue for long after I am not here anymore. (So I guess to experience any of these secrets, we’ll have to visit the restaurant in person – as they say, the proof is in the pudding! -ed.)

Chef Rozelda in action in her kitchen at The Farmhouse Hotel.

In your many years at The Farmhouse Hotel what is the most exciting changes you have seen?

A more structured management system since Village n Life took over!

What is your favourite meal on the menu?

That will have to be our oxtail for sure!

It seems that we’re in luck, as Rozelda has graciously shared her recipe for the delicious Oxtail served at Panorama Restaurant with us. Check it out below:

Farmhouse Oxtail

(Slow braised with leek and white wine topped with crispy bacon and mushroom, served with rice /mash)


50ml olive oil
2kg trimmed oxtail, excess fat removed.
2 large carrots, peeled and chopped
4 leeks, sliced and rinsed
50g flour
1 bottle of dry white wine (750ml)
1 Tin(410g) chopped tomatoes
300ml chicken stock
2 Large sprigs of Rosemary
50ml chopped Thyme
Salt and freshly grounded black pepper
10ml Paprika
250g crispy chopped cooked bacon
250g button mushrooms
50g butter
Chopped parsley, rosemary and thyme for serving


Heat the oil in a cooking pot and brown the meat.
Add the carrots and leeks, cook for a few minutes and sprinkle with flour.
Stir fry a little and then add the wine, stock and the chopped tomatoes. Add the paprika.
Add the fresh herbs and simmer gently for 3 hours; the meat must almost come off the bone and the liquid must be reduced to a thick glossy sauce. Add water if needed.

(You can also cook it in the oven for 3 hours at 160 degrees Celsius. This works very well and is easier)

Season to taste with salt and black pepper.
Saute the mushroom in butter, season with salt and black pepper. Add mushrooms, crispy bacon and chopped herbs to oxtail just before serving.
Serve with rice or mash.
Garnish with a few pan fried mushrooms and some fresh herbs.






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