At Village n Life, taking care of your community or those less fortunate than you is always an important cause. Whether it is helping out a community that that the company find itself in, or even upskilling our staff members or helping them with housing – lending a helping hand has always been part of our ethos.

One of the ways in which we help those less fortunate – and the planet – is through the upcycling of slippers from our various hotels.

The upcycling of the slippers has been an initiative run at all Village n Life properties for the last few years, and has been run successfully by the various staff members involved.

Executive Housekeepers and their teams at all of the participating Village n Life properties would collect used slippers and send bags full of slippers to be donated every two or three months.

These slippers are thoroughly washed and cleaned by the housekeeping teams at the various properties. After they have been thoroughly cleaned, they are packaged into bags per pair and dropped pf at one central location.

This location is usually The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. On average, between 100 and 120 pairs of slippers are collected and donated every time.

These bags of slippers are then sent to Village n Life’s creative agency, TCA, from where it is distributed.

Village n Life staff members collecting slippers for donation

The slippers are donated to The Haven night shelters at their various branches in De Waterkant, Woodstock and District Six.

Often some of these pairs of slippers are also given to Village n Life staff members, who then distribute them at their respective churches, or they give them to those in need in their own communities.

It may sound trivial to those who are fortunate enough to own a pair of slippers and have warm feet in the colder months, but to many, warm feet is not a given. In addition to helping people, the upcycling of these slippers also means less damage to our planet, as the repurposing of these materials will prevent unnecessary pollution. All in all, it is a win-win situation.

Village n Life is proud to be part of such an initiative, and we encourage our readers to see what they can upcycle in their own home. A simple donation of warm clothes, blankets and slippers can go a long way.

If you want to get in touch with The Haven shelters mentioned above, you can simply click on the the links below.

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